In this page you can find the project deliverables, articles and scientific publications related to the project.

Project Deliverables


Before us are the explicitly specified results of the research project Quality mentorship for developing competent nursing students (QualMent), which were created as a joint work of numerous researchers in the field of nursing care from Slovenia, Finland, Spain and Lithuania, and in cooperation with the European Federation of Nurses Associations (EFN). They highlight the most sensitive part of nurse education, that is, the acquisition of knowledge and skills of nursing students in the real-life environment of healthcare institutions, during their interaction with patients and under the mentorship of nurses. The results of the research provide a comprehensive proposal for additional education of nurse mentors in order to empower them for high-quality work with students. Under the mentorship of in this way educated nurses, the students will acquire knowledge and skills set out in the EU Directive and will, after completing their studies, successfully carry out their mission in an increasingly complex health care system in a perpetually changing society.

With the translations into EU languages we will provide an opportunity to standardize the education and training of nurse mentors, which represents the contribution of this extensive research to the realization of the Bologna Process.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nadja Plazar and Assist. Prof. Dr. Tamara Štemberger Kolnik

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  • dr. Kristina Mikkonen, dr. Marco Tomietto, dr. Maria Kääriäinen, Ashley Oikarainen, dr. Anna-Maria Tuomikoski, dr. Olga Riklikiene, Erika Juskauskiene, dr. M Flores Vizcaya-Moreno, dr. Rosa M Pérez-Cañaveras, dr. Paul De Raeve, dr. Bojana Filej, dr. Nadja Plazar, dr. Vesna Čuk, dr. Boris Miha Kaučič. 2019.Development of an Evidence-Based Nurse Mentor’s Competence Model”. ISBN 978-961-6889-35-3



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  • IMMONEN, Kati, TOMIETTO, Marco, KÄÄRIÄINEN, Maria, KAUČIČ, Boris Miha, FILEJ, Bojana, RIKLIKIENE, Olga, VIZCAYA-MORENO, M. Flores, PEREZ-CAÑAVERAS, Rosa M., DE RAEVE, Paul, MIKKONEN, Kristina, 2019, “Assessment of nursing students’ competence in clinical practice : a systematic review of reviews”, International journal of nursing studies, DOI: 10.1016/j.ijnurstu.2019.103414


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