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QualMent scientific book “Development of an Evidence-Based Nurse Mentor’s Competence Model” now available

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QualMent article on “Mentors’ self-assessed competence in mentoring nursing students in clinical practice: a systematic review of quantitative studies”

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QualMent Project third eBulletin – November 2019

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QualMent partners meeting in Alicante for their 3rd Transnational meeting

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Course Framework of Advanced Mentorship Competences

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QualMent Project second eBulletin – April 2019

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QualMent partners meeting in Oulu for their 2nd Transnational meeting

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QualMent Project first eBulletin – December 2018

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QualMent partners meeting in Celje for their 1st Transnational meeting

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Quality Mentorship
Nursing Students
Developing Competent Nursing Students
Clinical mentors’ competence model

The project outputs

QualMent will develop Clinical mentors’ competence model which will provide new knowledge and findings regarding the current situation of clinical mentoring in nursing study programmes in Europe.

The model will introduce most important concepts to be integrated into education of clinical mentoring. It will be used as a base to prepare Course of advanced mentorship competences and Mentoring guidelines as another output of the project which will offer clear and simple instructions to be used in the daily clinical practice of mentoring.

By well-planned mentors’ education, the project will provide high quality structure of clinical mentoring practice and empower nurses serving as careers and educators for student nurses. This course will empower clinical mentors with high-quality skills and competences needed to perform their role and at the same time fill the gap, as there is no systematic approach in developing and implementing the quality courses offering mentors’ competences to the nurses in clinical environment in EU.

General Care Nurses’ Competencies – Directive 2013/55/EU

All undergraduate nursing study programmes in the nursing field must be developed according to the EU.

The EFN Competency Framework, which demands that the half of all contacts hours of each study programme are done in the clinical environments as clinical practice and mentored by the clinical mentors. Clinical practice is becoming a key environment for strengthening clinical competence (DIR55), as through the analysis of the quality of nursing care, the nurses improve their work.

Clinical mentor’s education is greatly lacking in nursing education and the unified mentors’ education program would be of a great need. The quality mentoring has significant effect upon student learning outcomes with great influence upon novice professionals’ intention to stay in the profession after graduation, also increases satisfaction in professional growth and identification with the nursing role.

General Care Nurses’ Competencies