Quality mentorship for developing competent nursing students


Quality mentorship for developing competent nursing students (QualMent) is a 28 months project co-funded by the Erasmus + programme. It aims to address the clinical mentor’s lack in nursing education and develop the clinical mentor’s competence with mentor education for national and international nursing students.

To assure the systematic approach, the project will develop Clinical mentors’ competence model which will provide new knowledge and findings regarding the current situation of clinical mentoring in nursing study programmes in Europe.

The model will introduce most important concepts to be integrated into education of clinical mentoring. It will be used as a base to prepare Course of advanced mentorship competences and Mentoring guidelines as another output of the project which will offer clear and simple instructions to be used in the daily clinical practice of mentoring.

Clinical mentors’ competence model
well-planned mentors’ education

well-planned mentors’ education, the project will provide high quality structure of clinical mentoring practice and empower nurses serving as careers and educators for student nurses. This course will empower clinical mentors with high-quality skills and competences needed to perform their role and at the same time fill the gap, as there is no systematic approach in developing and implementing the quality courses offering mentors’ competences to the nurses in clinical environment in EU.

This field is of very high relevance, since all study programmes in the nursing field must be developed according to the EU directive (2005/36/ES and 2013/55/EU) demanding that the half of all contact hours of each study programme are done in the clinical environment as clinical practice and mentored by clinical mentors.

Nursing study programme

The main results expected to be developed during the project are:

1. Development of the Clinical mentors’ competence model based on evidence-based knowledge

2. Course of advance mentorship competences development. The course will include three parts/modules: 1) General competence module; 2) Module on mentoring culturally and linguistically diverse nursing students; 3) Module on evaluation and reflective discussion in mentoring of nursing students. Within the course we will produce:

  • the syllabus of the course,
  • the content of the course,
  • the materials for the course,
  • e-learning virtual environment,
  • test for the course,
  • accreditation of the course,
  • its final version will be translated in to all EU official languages.

3. Mentoring guidelines which will offer clear and simple instructions to be used in the daily clinical practice of mentoring.

The project is funded under the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme Key Action 2: Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices.