You can read here QualMent just published Training and Learning Material on Advanced Mentorship Competencies, which includes the description of Module I (Introduction to mentorship in nursing. Pages 5-20), Module II (Competence in mentoring culturally and linguistically diverse nursing students. Pages 21-32), Module III (Competence in mentoring assessment and reflective discussion. Pages 33-43).

This Advanced Mentorship Competencies publication aims to strengthen clinical nurse mentors’ mentoring competence development by sharing open-access education contents with all European Union countries and providing concrete guidance for mentors to enhance their mentoring competence when working with nursing students in clinical practice. The publication is based on an evidence-based clinical mentor’s competency model, which has been developed and pilot-tested in education intervention with 216 mentors in four European Union countries (Finland, Lithuania, Slovenia and Spain) in the Erasmus+ project – Quality Mentorship for Developing Competent Nursing Students (QualMent).