The QualMent multiplier event was organised in Lithuania by the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. The large audience of over 102 participants – nurse educators, nurse practitioners, nurse managers, LNA, students – participated during presentations and discussions. An international lecturer prof. Beata Dobrowolska from Lublin University, Poland, spoke about nursing education in theory and practice in her country. It was recognised that mentors‘ in nursing educationin Poland  is still lacking the standardized approach and Qualment program would be very suitable solution for improvements. Prof. Kristina Mikkonen from Oulu University, Finland presented Mentors competence model that was developed during QualMent project.

It was important for the audience to become familiar with the evidence based model on the components of quality metorship. Prof. Olga Riklikienė spoke about quality dimensions of nursing mentorship and their reflection in the content of QualMent mentors’ training program. PhD student Erika Juškauskienė highlighted the novelty of Qualment mentors‘ training program which include relatively new dimensions of mentors‘ education: application of IT, cultural competence development, application of feedback and reflection. Nurse manager from university hospital Daiva Zagurskienė reported on the organisation of clinical training in this hospital and discussed the rational for the advanced level mentors’ training program. Finally, BSN student Ona Samaitė presented the results of QualMent program piloting and evaluation in Lithuania.